Michael Jones McKean

Artist & Teacher

Michael Jones McKean is a sculptor and teacher exploring the nature of objects in relation to folklore, technology, anthropology, geography and magic. His work with materials engages the poetic possibilities of geologic time horizons, and more-than-human sentiences to help reconnect ‘meaning’ to matter. Through an often elliptical working process—at times spanning a decade or more for a single work—McKean employs materials as diverse as older-than-earth-meteorites, of-the-moment technologies, ancient atmospheres, psychotropic medicines, an infamous boat, prismatic rainbows, and the Earth itself. In each, McKean maps out idiosyncratic sculptural constellations where ‘meaning’ finds form; in the process growing deeper, wider, and wilder.

About The presentation

12 Earths

With the eclipse as muse, artist Michael Jones McKean's will use his planetary-scale sculpture Twelve Earths to weave together diverse and some evocative conceptual threads, including: our innate and circular connection with matter; connections beyond touch; pattern-finding, mean-making and synchronicity; the poetics of shadow; and the eros of what lies out of sight.

Sunday, April 7th