Dr. Kelly Reidy

Storyteller, Performer, & Rogue Physicist

Dr. Kelly Reidy is a storyteller, performer, and rogue physicist currently based in Chapel Hill, NC. She teaches Science & Storytelling at Pratt Institute and has traveled the world as a tour guide and creative consultant with Museum Hack. In her spare time, she fronts a rock 'n' roll band (ENTREZ VOUS) and hangs out with a very funny chihuahua called Bootsy.

About The presentation

Accidental Discoveries: Astronomy

The history of science is riddled with stories of accidental discoveries. Join your host, Kelly Reidy, as she leads you down a rabbit hole of missed targets and unexpected consequences.

In this edition of Accidental Discoveries, you’ll hear about the happiest of often-wacky mishaps in the history of astronomy that led to the discoveries of Uranus, infrared radiation, and audible evidence of the Big Bang. Get inspired to go with the flow as you learn about the characters and circumstances surrounding these discoveries, as well as the science behind each. Will the journey end in a Nobel Prize or a melted chocolate bar? Join us to find out!

Saturday, April 6th