Alex Boxer

Data Scientist & Author

Alexander Boxer is a data scientist and author. He has a PhD in physics from MIT and a master's in the history of science from Oxford. His Book, A SCHEME OF HEAVEN: The History of Astrology and the Search for Our Destiny in Data, is a curious skeptic's look at astrology and its role as history's original data science.

About The presentation

Totality Through Time: Solar Eclipses in History and Science

A total eclipse of the sun is an exhilarating, disorienting and utterly otherworldly event. Since the dawn of our species, only a small sliver of humankind has ever stood within a path of totality. Dusting off the words and numbers of those who've preceded us in the moon's shadow becomes a detective story. The clues, scattered across continents and centuries, point to deep mysteries of time — mysteries not only in how we measure time, but also in how we perceive time and situate ourselves in time within the vastness of the cosmos.

Saturday, April 6th